rightMEDlabel is the invention of an operating room nurse who knew there had to be a better way to label medications in the sterile field. The system she invented and tested is the result of countless hours of research and prototyping.

The patented rightMEDlabel sterile labeling solution is the only system of its kind. The triplicate compliant sterile labels (with two additional blanks) are attached to the original vial or other medication container in a peel pouch.

The multiple benefits of the rightMEDlabel system include enhanced patient safety, reduced opportunity for costly medication errors caused by non-compliant labeling, and improved speed and efficiency in dispensing medications.

The rightMEDlabel sterile medication labeling system is the latest in a storied product line from MP Medical Products that includes: Taut* Cholangiogram Catheters, ADAPT Laparoscopic Access Ports and Latex Free Penrose Drains.
* Acquired by Teleflex Medical

The rightMEDlabel is manufactured and distributed by MP Medical Products, LLC.

Every non-compliant label places the patient at unnecessary risk.

 With the rightMEDlabel the solution is already in your hand.