The rightMEDlabel system is a common-sense solution that reduces opportunities for errors in labeling in the sterile field. The rightMEDlabel system contains triplicate, fan-folded sterile labels pre-printed with all medication information required to be compliant with USP, The Joint Commission and AORN, attached to original medication vials and other containers in a sterilized peel pouch for immediate use in the sterile field.

  • verify


    A circulating nurse and scrub person work together to verify label information and medication.

  • remove


    The circulating nurse removes the sealed pouch containing the rightMEDlabels.

  • transfer


    The triplicate, pre-printed compliant sterile labels are presented to the scrub person using aseptic technique.

  • apply


    The medication transfer procedure is completed with compliant sterile medication labeling throughout each step.

Anatomy of a LabelAnatomy of a Label Key

Every non-compliant label places the patient at unnecessary risk.

 With the rightMEDlabel the solution is already in your hand.